Tuesday, 29 January 2019

SEX with a ROBOT: get your kicks. Literally.

Creepy but true. You can order a sex partner online, with all your special likes and dislikes programmed electronically. Available at Abyss Creations in Los Angeles. The information in this blog was not found on some obscure porn site but in the Financial Times Weekend. When I went to the Abyss site I was surprised. No examples of their products, just a white page with info. There were two boxes: one for the zip code, another that had GO. I didn't put in my zip or GO. So have no idea what came next. (see below).


Edit: I do not know what page Maggy refers to, but the above is the official Abyss Creations web site, and it has plenty of pictures. NSFW.

The uncanny valley.

These grownup playthings aren't cheap. The starting price in the FT Weekend was $30,000.  And as the article made clear, there are problems. For instance, where do you put a robot when not in use? Or if emotions are programmed into them will it be a crime to abuse them, etc. Men out-number women clients. Sex toys have been around for eons. In 'Turned On', the author writes about a grieving widow in ancient Greece who had a statue made of her husband. There no illustration in the article, but to be in the book, the man must have had an erection.

When I was in L.A a friend took me to a giant porn store to look for a video he wanted ('Debbie Does Dallas'). There were several versions, he wanted the original. The place was depressing. The guy behind the cash register was a pimply-faced kid eating a chicken nugget. A bottom-of-the-barrel porn shop. Billy is an anthropologist/archeologist, he told me to think of it as research. But what I really want to know, after having sex with a ROBOT, do you ask the universal  question: 'Was it as good for you as it was for me?'

Sources: Financial Times Weekend, Sharon Pettus

Next week: Have you seen RANDY RAINBOW?

Edit: We tend to overestimate near future, but underestimate long term development. Think of how the bots will be in 2200, for example. Whoa. Sci-Fi here we come.



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