Monday, 18 June 2012

45 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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For the last 9 months Eki and I have been separated by about 7000 miles and a cheap phone connection. It´s made a big difference. He gets scads of emails every day (I´ve seen them when we´ve edited together) and it´s easy for him to slide over some of them. It´s much better when we´re on the same continent and I can call him with "If it´s monday it must be Maggy."

Sometimes I bite the bullet and say to hell with the expense and phone from the Wild West. It´s always nice to hear his voice and find out what´s going on. But as far as a working arrangement, proximity makes all the difference. Then when I get a harebrained idea I can run it by Eki and have him shoot it down. Or if he says something like, "Not a bad idea" I can pursue it because I know he doesn´t get bowled over.

We´re on the last leg of "maihuanaland".  We have to make DVD copies and design the cover. It´s one of those niggling chores that´s a snap to set aside when you´re "putting out fires". That´s how Eki describes his job. But I know if I were there I could say "Hey Eki, if it´s monday..."

Lesson 45: Keep tryin´

Next week: 46 The Tool

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