Tuesday 13 November 2018

JEFF BEZOS: the guy who can beat Donald Trump

A cockeyed idea? Maybe not. Jeff Bezos is Donald Trump's worst enemy. T attacks Bezos and Amazon with barefaced lies. Bezos is smarter, tougher, younger (54), richer, self-made and has a compelling back-story: born in Albuquerque, Bezos started Amazon (like a lot of tech guys) in his garage in 1994, with 250,000 borrowed from his parents. The company is now worth a trillion and counting. Bezos is #1 on Forbes Richest list (Trump a humble #259 – that drives T nuts).

Eki pointed out that while Bezos was rich, but his workers got peanuts. True. But starting Nov 5, 2018 (just in time for the midterms) Amazon's 350,000 employees (including short-term) will get 15.00 an hour minimum. The company's policymakers are will lobby for all US workers to receive 15.00 dollars an hour. Bezos has made other about-faces. He ditched his frumpy- dumpy nerdy suits for lean and mean black leather jackets, black jeans, shaved head (or waxed?). Eki, don't grit your teeth, looks count: they say Nixon lost against Kennedy because on TV he looked like an escaped convict. Bezos laid the ground-work for a crack at the top job when he bought (and saved) the Washington Post. T, when he heard the news, told his base, at a rally, that he would give the new owner a lot of problems. Bezos has given the Post free rein. And the paper has published a critical piece about Amazon.

Bezos vsTrump would be the ultimate mano a mano. George Orwell said all games are war - politic is a blood sport. Especially with the Bully-in-chief. 2020 will roll in on us like a giant tsunami. The Democrats need a leader who can connect, not only with the two booming coasts and the young but with the poor, left-behind parts of the US. Make America more equal again.

Note: Oct. 1, the New York Times published a 13,000-word article on Trump's tax evasion and crooked business practices going back years, after inheriting (and losing) a fortune. The investigation took 18 months. It might change everything. But don't bet on it. T flaunts and floats above the law. So far he has got away with it.

Source: New York Times Style, Financial Times Weekend, the net

PS: Eki and I are working on a 30' commercial: JEFF BEZOS: we need you 2020

Note: This has been one of Maggie's ideas i have had a hard time supporting. So much so, that i convinced her to change the commercial to VOTE: we need you 2020. We did also finish the Jeff Bezos version, but at this point i really do not like to be associated with it in any way. Edited by: Alan Smithee.

As to why, well, to be honest, first and foremost my own ignorance. I do not want to support someone i actually know quite little about. That's the mistake many Brexit voters and Trump supporters made. But there's also the thing Maggy mentioned - i seriously do not think anyone should own more wealth than entire countries. That is simply insane. Making someone like that the President of an important superpower would be adding insult to the injury.

Then there is the fact that i do not think a person in that position would ever make decisions with the best interest of the average Joe in mind. I cannot see a person in such a position working towards reducing the repulsive grasp the mega-corporations have over the society. I cannot see a person in such position advocating for the super-rich to paying their fair share of taxes. You get the point.

I did not add a picture this time. Deliberately. That's my miniature protest against the blog post's premise.


Monday 5 November 2018


One way to solve differences (Photo: Derks24/Pixabay)
Who cares. Everyone. At least they should. Because what's going on in the US affects us all. This midterm election is playing out like a John Wayne Western. There are the 'GOOD GUYS': Robert Mueller and his team, most of the media that is not underground and a majority of Americans. And the 'BAD GUYS': the President, cowed and cooperative Republicans (not all), the Alt-right, underground nut-ball social media (GAB, for example) and Trumpsters.

Trump is on a high, holding rallies in as many states as he can stuff in in before the midterms, Nov 6. Like and old-time 19C religious revival meeting, he's preaching, and selling, 'hell and brimstone' and whipping up the Base. The only thing missing is the snakes. But there are plenty of the human kind to take their place at his rallies.

One positive thing this crazy, but cunning like a fox, president has done is to whip up both Republicans and Democratic voters. The midterm election used to be a 'so what'. And most voters didn't bother. This year the early voting has surpassed the 2016 presidential election. A first. I told Eki, T has made me so tuned in, in how the US government works that I now know something about what the house, the senate, the supreme court and the presidential powers are. He thinks, or hopes, T will gets impeached. I said, 'No way'. Even if the Dems win the house (a good chance) and try vote to impeach him. It takes 67 votes in the senate to pull it off. Tune in on Wed. 7 Nov. to find out how this cliffhanger ends.

Source: personal experience

Next week: JEFF BEZOS: the guy who can beat Trump in 2020

Note: Actually, i don't have much to add to this... vote, people. Also here in Finland, we need to throw our own little Trumpsters out from the driver's seat, and voting wisely is the route to that.