Monday 20 May 2019


True. TRUMP is a wannabe dictator, but he's nailed the universally recognized style. Think: HITLER with his slicked-down hair and weird little moustache which CHARLIE CHAPLIN lampooned to a T in ‘The Great Dictator’’. Trump, with his peroxided floor-mop. orange tan, pig-eyes, big suits, extra long ties to cover his paunch, jacket always unbuttoned except when he met a real dictator, KIM JUNG UN.  Trump is a perfect METOO.

His fans crowd stadiums and auditoriums to hear his rambling rants.  He promises stuff that's never going to happen. Never mind. It's entertainment. For Trump to be out with his base is an escape from the White House prison where people are watching, listening and writing stuff down for the record.  His fan cheer when he gets down-and-dirty.  And we might have this bum for a second term.

Eki says  STORY trumps STYLE.  The Mueller Report is probably the best and most documented book written about Trump and his gang of mini-mobsters (full disclosure: I haven't read the report).  It’s chockablock with info taken 'under oath': for instance, White House aides and his first campaign manager ignored T's orders to get rid of the Special Council. His former Secretary of the Treasury swiped a letter off T's desk that would have ditched an important trade agreement. If he didn’t conspire with the Russians, he and his gang had a lot of contacts with them. And got useful information. He comes across as so half-assed you want to laugh - a fake president governing the US. One Washington Post article about the Mueller’s investigation ends with 'too stupid to conspire, too incompetent to obstruct, too dumb to govern'. FORREST GRUMP in the White House? Or a dictator-in-waiting?

Source: Washington Post

Next week: #DerangedDonald goes VIRAL

Note: Oh, don't even get me started ;-) Pretty soon after the elections, I made bets with Maggy that T will A) be out of the White House before the end of his first term and B) face criminal charges. The jury is still out (or, not YET out?), and we will see who wins. Meanwhile here in Finland, our own lite version of Trumpian administration got voted out, and it looks like we will have a Social Democratic Party -led government, with minister seats from the Green Party and the Left Alliance. To get a majority of parliament seats behind the new government they, unfortunately, had to include the last PM party, the centrists. Fingers crossed for successful negotiations, and for the less business-mad factors of the centrist party getting the seats in the new government. There's a lot of damage that needs to be undone.

PS: Maggy told me CNN had a piece about the Finnish schools teaching fake news awareness - found it. So, everyone, be like the Finnish kids - and remember to fact check your sources!!