Friday 14 January 2022

TRUMP: DICTATOR-in-waiting

Trumptler, part 2. Vector file from pixabay, flags from wikipedia.

Ruthless, seized the moment, cartoony looks, bucks to burn, 75m rock-hard base, cowed Republican party, grabs the spotlight, has an armed militia* ready-to-shoot. Trump checks all the boxes.

Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini were all of the above in spades, Trump fits the mold. A joke when he ran in 2015, now we're dead-scared he might be coronated in 2024. His pal, Viktor Orban,**** Hungary's dictator-in-chief, is rootin' for him.

A weak Dem opposition is ominous. Serious people have written serious books*** warning US about a Trump authoritarian presidency. “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”, Karl Marx. 

Ha, Ha. Stay tuned.

* Oath Keepers**, Proud boys.

** Founder of OKs, Stewart Rhodes, and 11 members have been indicted for sedition against the US.

*** Tucker Carlson (Fox news' "most-watched cable-news commentator") broadcast from Hungary. He met Orban and reported Hungarians were freer than Americans.

*** PERIL, Robert Woodward and Bob Acosta
*** How Democracies Die, Steven Levitsy & Daniel Zitbat

Sources:  The Economist, Financial Times, Washington Post

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Note: I thought about what to add, but there really is not much. We live in the weirdest of times.