Friday, 29 October 2021


Cadillac Ranch by BrittanyU / Pixabay

Pack your pistols – no permit needed  - and hunt down those varmints who break the new Texas law:  abortion is “illegal” after six weeks. In a trick to avert a conflict with the federal law, Roe v Wade*, any US citizen has the right to sue the perpetrators.

A doctor in Texas performed an abortion past the time limit. He wrote an article about it in the Washington Post. An out-of-state jail-bird-lawyer sued him.  The suer didn't give a damn about the rights and wrongs, he wants to collect the reward - $10,000.

A friend got pregnant pre-Roe v Wade. She called her shrink in LA. He made appointments with two psychiatrists, who agreed with her decision.  A recommended,  reputable doctor induced a miscarriage. He did a D & C at St. Johns -  a Catholic hospital in Santa Monica. She had resources and connections, but most women who need an abortion can't afford to fly to another state. Two lawsuits against the Texas law failed in the Supreme Court**.  The trend is catching on in red states:  Mississippi has come up with an anti-abortion law. It will take more than a protest march to check this bogus attack on WOMEN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

* Roe v Wade is almost 50 years old

** Supreme Court Justices: six  Catholics, one Anglo-Catholic, two Jews

Sources: the Economist, New York Times. Washington Post, CNN, Morning Joe, personal experience


Note: Well, I thought I'd have a lot to say about the issue. But to be honest, to someone from a civilized and egalitarian Nordic country, the whole issue sounds so outlandishly bonkers that there's not much to say. The GOP is so far down the insanity rabbit hole that they're really beyond reach. 

I just hope we are witnessing the last dying breaths of the gnarly beast that is the extreme right, and sanity will overcome. Not just in the US but everywhere.

In reality, they are a shrinking minority, they are cornered. I hope it's just that their endangered species is getting extra aggressive because even *they* know extinction is near.

It's either that, or we're screwed.


Thursday, 7 October 2021


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” - Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790

Red Hot Chili Peppers (sorry, misread the title)
Image: Tookapic/pixabay

A double whammy – the global pandemic and Climate Change – has stoked a movement to prepare for TEOTWAWKI*. Rich techies make super-preppers. They buy big plots of land in remote places (for ex. New Zealand), build blast-proof bunkers, and stock up for long-term survival.  They hide their billions in secret off-shore accounts.  At Silicon Valley cocktail parties the mot du jour is DOOMSDAY.

Ordinary Nervous Nellies prepare for months, instead of years. Practicing Mormons are master Preppers –  they believe it teaches self-reliance. Mormon cellars are stocked and they are advised to have money in reserve. The French aren't big Preppers, but towns and villages along major auto routes keep emergency blankets, water, and food to aid stranded motorists.

Prepper list:  dried and canned food, bottled water, booze, and/or pot, if you want to relax, toilet paper, paper towels, first-aid kit, batteries, flashlight, candles, matches, multitool, knife sharpener, scissors, nitrile gloves, wipes,  hand sanitizer, duct tape, a vegetable garden, a shovel, masks, an upbeat attitude, and cash. Stocking up for the worst ain't cheap; it takes resources, planning, and work to prepare for a world WROL**.

* TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World As We Know It
** WROL: Without Rule of r Law***
*** Prepper dig acronyms

Sources:  The Economist, Washington Post, Pandora Papers*, internet, Cyril Maret

*A worldwide investigation: how, and where, billionaires hide their billions. 14 world leaders and a king are implicated. (source: Washington Post 4/10/2021)


Note: I guess the rich have always feared the day when the peasants have finally had enough and go get their pitchforks.

Me, well, I'm not rich and definitely not a prepper. The closest I get is a whole day without going to the grocery store. Those are pretty rare. Even if I haul two metric ton bags home in the evening, feeling certain that I forgot nothing and that tomorrow there's definitely no need to shop... in the morning it turns out we're out of coffee.

I'm hopeless.