Monday, 22 August 2011

10 Back in the Belly of the Beast

So there we were.  In SpaceWhale sitting in front of the computer.  Eki said, "Let's look at it all the way through."  We started seeing small things that needed to be changed or modified.  He said, "Make a list."  At the end there were 13 minor things (the music was too loud, or there should be a pause) that needed fixing.  But then I said, "I think we forgot to mention medical marihuana at the closing."  But neither one of us could believe it, so we looked again.  We had.  And there was nothing to do except to re-write and re-do the closing narration.  And then we went to lunch at the Trash Can cafe.

Ari Ylä-Anttila, commissioning editor from the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) was coming in the afternoon to see it for the third time, so we wanted it APAP (as perfect as possible). When he arrived the first thing we did was have a cup of coffee.  Nothing important happens in Finland without coffee (Finns drink more per capita than any country in the world). Ari seemed to like "marihuanland" a lot.

"Marihuanaland" is the first project we've done where we're not just filming the action and telling someone else's story.  In this documentary we're more personally involved. After interviewing doctors, a patient and people connected to the cannabis business we say that the case for medical marihuana is solid (although so far only 12 people in Finland have been given permission by the National Board of Health to take cannabis based medications). And that recreational pot should be considered as an alternative to alcohol. We hope that when people see the documentary, they might at least consider that cannabis should be legalized, taxed and regulated. It's almost, but not quite, a wrap.

Lesson 17 :  Before the final, final-cut let your doc rest at least a month.

Next week: 11 Money, Money, Money!


  1. ah, it is always good to make a list. Love lists but I always loose them... but some how once it is on a list it is in my brain.
    p.s. love the graphic. t-shirts???

  2. Lists are a must. Especially at the end of a project when it´s almost locked in. And when you said you loved the graphic t-shirts, did you mean the "marihuanaland" logo? Not a t-shirt yet, but a good idea.