Monday, 24 October 2011

16 Back in the USA

Back In The USA (2010)
It took one train ride and four flights to get here, but it was worth it.  My sister Elizabeth and her husband Bob Nelson have a small (paradise) vineyard in Colorado´s wine country on the Western slope of the Rockie montains. Palisade, Colorado, the town nearby, has 2,300 inhabitants, 12 churches, a local newspaper, a couple of restaurants, several bars and the only alternative medical marijuana dispensary in the region (other towns in the area have voted to close them, although they´re legal in Colorado).
November 1st the locals will go to the polls and vote on whether to keep the marijuana dispensary or close it. Before that, on October 27,  we´re going to show “marihuanaland” for the first time in the Nelson´s studio/barn. We don´t have any pot, but we´ll serve wine and food to go with the doc. There will be brownies for dessert.
The town is also the Peach capital of the state, if not the country and a great place for biking. Mostly sunny all the time, the scenery is gorgeous – a lush valley surrounded by mesas. The New York Times reporter had such a good time he wrote three full pages about it, its vineyards and the biking. And that´s what I´ve been doing. When I saw the open flat roads and beautiful views I bought a bright red, sassy bike with a comfortable seat.
I think Eki must be happy:  “marihuanaland” is in the can and I´m approximately 7,000 miles away. I might not be able to call as often, but thank god for the internet so I can badger him with “if it´s Monday it must be Maggy” emails.
Lesson 21:  Before you go hit the road check your gear for all the bits and pieces.

Next week: 17 "marihuanaland" Preview Party

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  1. I wish I could be there for the screening. It also sounds like you are having a great time. "Brownies"???