Monday, 16 April 2012

38 The Right Gear

Is this thing on?
When we planned the shoot ("marihuanland") in Oakland, CA, Eki decided it would be more efficient to rent the equipment on site. When I saw the list (and the cost - around 5000 dollars) I let out a howl. He told me we needed it all. And that we were getting a bargain. They (Eki and Antti)  showed up at the hotel with a whole rooomful of stuff. At least five black bags (each about half the size of a body bag).

The list (Eki correct me if I´ve left anything out):

Two cameras (with hard drives that had to be downloaded every night)
Microphones: lavalier and shotgun mic with boom (the connections)

At the end of the shoot Eki said, with a puff of satisfaction, that we had used everything. All the bags were stuffed into the back of the car, including me.

Edit by Eki: Well, to make it exact, here's the actual rental gear list (the cost was actually around $4200):

1 *Sony EX1 w/16G Cards Package*
1 Sony Ex1 XDCam Camera
2 Sony Ex3/Ex1 BP-U60 Batteries x2 with Charger
1 Sony Ex3/Ex1 BP-U30 Battery
1 Sony Ex3/Ex1 SxS Card - 16GB
1 *Sony EX1 w/16G Cards Package*
1 Sony Ex1 XDCam Camera
1 Sony Ex3/Ex1 BP-U30 Battery
2 Sony Ex3/Ex1 BP-U60 Battery
1 Sony Ex3/Ex1 Battery Charger
1 Sony Ex3/Ex1 SxS Card - 8GB
2 Cartoni F101 Tripod
1 SteadiCam - Sachtler Artemis
1 Sound Devices 302 stereo mixer, Petrol bag, beta
1 Sennheiser MKH 60 Mic w/Zepplin support
1 Boom Pole - Internal Coil Cabled XLR
1 Lectrosonics 211 Diversity Radio Mic System
Sonotrim Lavalier, 3x Antennas, R.Angle XLR
3x Batteries  PAY IF USED
1 Headphones Sony MDR-7506 stereo
1 Dedo 24v 150w Kit w/ 3 lights & Focal spot
1 Kino Flo Divalite 400 Universal
w/ Tungsten/ Daylight Bulbs
1 C-Stand with sandbag

Lesson 39: Always, always take extra batteries

Next wee: 39 Keeping Track

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