Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The answer is 'NO'

'DONALDdonald' was fun to make. A new kind of project for Erkki and me. And I wanted to do more with Trump - he has left a trail of trash talk to work with. In black and white, he looks smarmier than ever. Most people I know think this most un-presidential president has turned the US upside-down: black is white, lies are truth, fake is real. I had the the bright idea to keep the graphics and put more Trump words in his mouth. Maybe make him get smaller each t until he finally disappears.

I called Camilla Karsh, our story editor. When I told her my idea, the answer was, 'Hmm, uh, mmmm...' Translation: It stinks. I called Erkki and gave him my pitch. He didn't hem and haw. Right off the bat he said, 'No Maggy'. But I said, 'Trump has said so much stupid stuff we could go on and on.' He said, 'Not a good reason.' I'm lucky. It pays to have people on your team who are not afraid to say 'NO'.

Hercule Poirot
For instance, someone should have said 'NO' to Jim Jarmusch when he pitched PATTERSON, a death-by-boredom movie about a poet-bus driver named Patterson, who lives and works in Patterson, New Jersey. The movie is divided into days of the week and every day is the same. I left on Thursday. 'Parrerson' tanked at the box office. Taking in just a little over 2 million dollars worldwide. I would have said 'NO' to Kenneth Branagh when he decided to re-make Agatha Christie's 'MURDER on the ORIENT EXPRESS'. 

And I would have been dead wrong. It's a hit. But I suspect Agatha Christie's eternal popularity and that beautiful train has a lot to do with its success.When Erkki and I first started working together he told me to 'kill your little darlings'. The term is such an old saw that it sounds trite. But it's true. Still, I hate letting go of 'DONALADdonald'.

Re: Erkki's comments last week: Not fair.I can't exaggerate or embellish without Erki pointing it out. What fun is that?

Next week: SOCIAL MEDIALAND: an evil empire?

David Suchet is Hercule Poirot. No-one else should even think about acting the role. 


- Eki

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