Thursday, 13 December 2018

Eki and I go toe to toe

Eki's principled (he turned down a 'True Finns' project) and my politics are white and black. I wanted to do a JEFF BEZOS Vote 2020 video. I thought he might be the one guy to beat Trump, if he runs. In last week's blog Eki trashed Bezos.  I came to the studio prepared. When he said, 'Hmm, I don't feel right working on this project.' I said, 'EEEEKKKKKKIIIIIII!”

He's a pro. So we sat down to work, but he wasn't happy. After while we fell into the old routine. I shut up. And watched the screen while he did his thing. Around eight hours later, not including lunch, the video was ready.  He said, 'This would be good if it was a VOTE 2020 video'. I said try it. He was right. The VOTE 2020 video (see above) is on our site. But he wouldn't put my Jeff Bezos version on it.  I didn't push him.

I sent a copy of the 'Jeff' version to Jeff Bezos and we dumped it in the YOUTUBE ocean.  Eki found it for me. But I tried the other day on my own and it seems to have drowned. Eki and I are usually on the same side. But he doesn't cave in. I'm more corruptible.

Source: personal experience

Next week: HELP, I'm a DIGI-ADDICT

Note: The True Finns (Perussuomalaiset) are the Finnish version of Trumpism, more or less. I've done pretty much anything under the sun, also for clients i disagree with strongly, or i do not share common values with (the latest example was a video for the Evangelical Church of Finland - and i'm as unreligious as they come).

But when i was asked by a production company to direct the election commercials for this arbeit-macht-frei-party, i realized i had reached the limit of what my conscience allows me to do. It was the first, and so far the only job i have completely declined to do, on moral grounds. But at least i did not participate on the proliferation of nationalist populism.


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