Thursday, 25 June 2020

LIAR, LIAR, your pants are on FIRE: the FACT CHECKERS have got your NUMBER

Original photo by By Gage Skidmore
Since he took office (Jan 2017) Trump has told 20,000 whoppers. His off the cuff, whatever comes out of his mouth, gets a lot of attention. The boss* of the Washington Post Fact checker team wrote a book that tells all: Donald Trump's Assault on Truth: Misleading Claims, False Statements, and Flat out LIES. 60% of his statements were awarded PINOCCHIOS - around 1000 total. How apt to use the long-nose, lying anti-hero - T and P go together like bread and butter.

Fans and foes are so used to Trump' s lying they often give it a pass - 'Just Trump being Trump'. Not the Washington Post the Fact-checkers. But T's mind-numbing blah-blah sometimes has consequences. When he promoted 'injecting disinfections ' (Clorox for one) as a possible cure Coronavirus, some idiots took him at his word. Now that he's behind in the polls (12% on Fox) his lies and exaggerations have escalated. It ain't pretty. Like watching a whale blimp lose altitude before it crashes.

Some high-ranking Republicans have advised him to claim that he created the strongest US economy ever (not true). Then quit the stage and  'fade away'.** Leave the scene before he cracks under the weight of almost four years as LIAR -in-CHIEF.

* Glen Kessler
** Like his hero, Gen. Douglas McArthur I sent a message asking how may Pinochios Trump  earned. Received a quick reply form Glen Kessler.

Sources: Washington Post, internet, cable news

Next week: HELSINKI SUMMER 2020


Not much to add here, the populist right-wing is still on the rise globally too, and our little birdland here in Finland is no exception. The first victim is the facts. Like Pinocchio would say, "sad".

Remember to vote.


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