Thursday 5 August 2021

ORTON rides to the RESCUE

Wounded knee.

When my knee began to bend to the left in early 2020,  I knew I knew I was in big trouble.  The only place I wanted it checked was ORTON orthopedic hospital in Helsinki – they repaired a botched knee operation my husband had at his local hospital. Then the Covid 19 bomb dropped and I was stuck. Four appointments, three canceled, finally got to Helsinki May 2021.

The meeting with Dr. Mikko Maninnen was short and decisive – I needed a knee replacement. He made the appointment and the Orton org. went into action. They called me in for pre-opp tests and a meeting with the physical therapist and anesthesiologist. I got a booklet in English with all the info. The hardest part was getting to Orton at 7:00 am. I  went to the 4th floor and a crew took over. It was so quick and organized before I could be scared or nervous the operation was over.

I was back in my room. The staff* took over. Physical therapy began the next day – mornings and afternoons. I walked with crutches on my own – my left leg was straight as a stick and hurt like hell. They gave me painkillers. When I got tired of beef and potatoes for lunch one of the nurses went online and found a Chinese takeout.  After two weeks, my new knee worked and there was almost no pain. I left Orton grateful and in awe at how efficient, upbeat and cheerful it was. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall but was back together again. Thank you ORTON.

*STAFF: Anu, Tuuli, Taina, Helena, Susanna, Nea, Toni, Mikael. Eric, Mikko. Mikko, Leene, Riikka, Maire, Sanni, Olga, Sirppa, Elina, Henna, Markku, Mikkel, Anton. Hope I got everyone, because you were all great.

Source: personal experience

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