Friday 17 November 2023


"Swear" by ChatGPT/Dall·E3

Whatever language, swearing works. In a study at Keele university, participants jumped into ice-cold water. Half were told to swear, the other half to use neutral words. The ‘swearers’ were able to stay in the freezing water 67% longer than the ‘neutrals’.  They also found that swearing increased self-confidence and risk-taking. Oxford  researchers found 'swearers'’ to be more intelligent, creative and honest. than  NSs.

According to the OED ‘shit’ was first used  to describe ‘obnoxious  persons in 1504. ‘Bull ’ came from the old French word ‘bole’ (clod or lump of earth). In English it became ‘bull’. The origin of ‘fuck’ probably came  from the Germanic languages:  ‘funken’ (ger).  

Swear words work best if they’re kept in the shadows.  The taboo that gives them power. In 2020  ‘History of Swearwords’, hosted by Nicholas Cage began streaming on Netflix. It got trashed by the LA Times: ‘predictable and unfunny’. In 2022 the ‘word of the year’ was FAMO (fuck around and find out). Bad omens. Let’s not fuck up a good word. Hold your fire. When you need it BLAST OFF. 

Sources: New York Tines, NY Post, Daily Madil online, OED online

Next week:  CHARISMA: weapon of mass destruction

Note: Using swear words can be an enjoyable art. It can also be just uncivilized and dull. It's all about the context, the company, and the actual language used. I have noticed that in the now unfortunately rare occasions me and my old pals get together, we all immediately switch the language we use. It's as if we were still teenagers, trying to verbally out-rude each other. It is fun, even liberating, as long as the bubble is maintained. As soon as, for some reason, something breaks the bubble for a second, and you think about the interaction you're having from an outsider's angle, it is, well, just plain stupid ;-)





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