Monday 8 April 2024

“Double double toil and …” *3rd party candidates spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E*

"Do you like parties? I hope no bad people show up."
Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

Seven 3rd party candidates are nipping at the the heels of the two old dogs running for US president. Four count:  Robert Kennedy Jr**., Jill Stein (Green party), Cornel West  (intellectual academic) , Libertarian party.  A lot of US voters, especially progressive Gen Zs, don’t like the US two party system.  And most voters are ho-hum about Biden and Trump. The bets right now are the outliers will give Trump a boost.

Eki thinks Tump will  be, or should be,  wearing stripes in jail - like a lot of his crooked pals. But if he wins it will be a ”get out of jail” card.  Like Biden, he babbles, mixes up names and is footloose with facts, But he looks more alive than Sleepy’ Joe. And he’s got a rock-solid base.

In 2020, Biden said he would be a ‘transitional’ president; in 2024 a new generation would  take the reins. That was then, this is now. The team that pulls old Joe off the stage when he starts to ramble, for ex. about long-dead leaders (Francois Mitterrand, Helmet Kohl) thinks they’ve done a bang-up job and deserve a 2nd term. Trump wants to stay out of jail and is puffed up by the power.  His team has been in working since 2020. It’s ready to take over: place their ‘people’ in all major government departments. Will Michelle O ride to to the rescue? Tune in.

* ”Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.  By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”.  Macbeth

**R.F.K quote: “Joe Biden is more dangerous to democracy than Trump“. Trump thinks a ‘Trump Kennedy ticket is red-hot brand. Kennedy says “no dice”. That might change.

Sources: Economist, Guardian, New York Times

Next week:  “Dr. AI will see you now”

littlemargie note: Found two typos in last week’s post. Decided to not to correct them to prove a human wrote it. But then realised that AI could have purposely made errors to pretend a human wrote it. Welcome to the new world. 

Note: First of all, good job working for Trump presidency, Maggy. It's people like you that haphazardly promote moot anti-Biden talking points fed to you that are the greatest danger in the coming elections. Not the 3rd party candidates. Because said rhetoric you help spew is the very reason the 3rd party candidates might actually get votes.

This said, my gut feeling is that despite the party, Kennedy Jr. has more overlap with Trump than with Biden. Both peddle in the same ponds of delusion, conspiracy theories, and anti-science. Stein might have overlap more with Biden, i surely hope she is wise enough to pull from the race. West I do not even know, which suggests he is not a big problem. Libertarian party is essentially a less religious flavour of the Maga cult - and very possibly, it's the libertarian and conservative think tanks like Cato Institute and Heritage Foundation that pull the strings behind the curtain on both, like they do with climate change denial. And of course the russkies - the goals largely align.

I do indeed think Trump should be put behind bars. That may not happen, but nevertheless, he will very likely be a convicted criminal by the time of the election. The hush money trial is about to start in a week, and the evidence against Trump seems so strong that he's very likely to be found guilty of federal crimes. He may be pardoned, or avoid prison time in some other way, but that does not take away the fact that he will be a convicted felon, just because of this case.

And there are dozens of others to follow.

PS: Michelle O? Not gonna happen.




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