Monday, 19 December 2011

25 Flips Flops & Failures


FLIPS: projects not completed

“10,000 Years of Finnish History” was one of our few flips. We thought, it was  a catchy title and that we could tell a compelling story. A hip, hot (and photogenic) history professor came on board. We made a plan, wrote a synopsis but somehow the project never caught fire and we dropped it. Then at a wrap party we came up with an alternate one minute version based on the country´s high alcohol use: a man (dressed in appropriate costume) with a bottle of Finlandia vodka goes from the present day back 10.000 years. The next day when we sobered up, we decided to shelve it. At least for awhile.

FLOPS: projects completed but not a complete success

“Back in the USA” was the first of what we call our homemades – projects I shoot and Eki edits (and straightens out my shots). Before I left Finland he taught me how to use the audio equipment. It was heavy as hell and I had to cart it all over the place. But when it came time to do the interviews I was spooked by all the little lights and buttons. “Back in the US” turned out to be a very well-done home movie. You can bet that when I came back to Helsinki I listened and learned.

FAILURES: projects completed that fizzle

Little Margie productions has been lucky, most of our projects have been commissioned, have got support funding from various foundations and have been well received.  “marihuanaland” was an exeption – it was financed by us and has still not been placed. But it was something Eki and I believed in. And even if it sat on the shelf forever we would always think it was a big success.

Lesson 29: sail right through flips, flops & failures - they´re part of the game

Next week: 26 TechTalk (Eki´s new blog)

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