Monday, 26 December 2011

26 TechTalk (Eki´s new blog)

First off.  Eki taught me everything I know about tech stuff . When we first started working together I didn´t have a clue. Now I can take a decent shot and use the interview equipment. But this is kid´s stuff compared to his new blog: HALSUGRIP It´s way, way over my head. Still, I can see that it´s a gold mine of information.

Halsugrip motion control head parts
When He sees a problem he manufactures a solution. And then gives clear instructions so the reader can do it too. The illustrations and easy-to-read text make the process look like fun. He makes you want to send for the parts, dig out your tools and go to work creating useful objects. And he´s good at answering questions if you get in trouble.

Eki and I have worked together for about 18 years. Mostly, he has had the patience of Job. I don´t know how many times he´s had to say, “It´s rendering” when I sit there looking bored. He has also been very patient explaining the editing process to me. And a lot of other stuff as well. Now he´s sharing his technical skills and inventive solutions on a worldwide basis. We couldn´t have a better teacher.

Lesson 30: when you need it and don´t have it, make it

Next week: 27 The Interview


  1. Well, i think you give me a bit too much credit there, i'm really just a novice when it comes to most of this stuff ;-)

  2. Eki, too much credit? I don't think so. I checked out Halsugrip, way over my head too, but amazing and will share it with others.

    Lesson 30, live by it daily but it is usually a game, math sheets for 2nd graders, cooking, and material objects on a very primitive level.