Thursday, 29 March 2012

FLASH! EXTRA! (three days late due to Mac malfunction)

Lone Ranger, Tonto and Maggy
Next Sunday there'll be a casting call in Moab, Utah (a couple of hours west of here) for Johnny Depp´s new movie: "The Lone Ranger." JD plays Tonto, the Lone Ranger´s sidekick. But they´re switching the emphasis and making Tonto the star. Not a bad idea. The masked man, righter of wrongs was alway kind of boring. Even to us kids when we listened on the radio.

So Sunday morning (April Fools day) I´m hightailing it west to Moab. I want to see (or try to see) some of the action. Met a guy who is trying out for a role. His real day job is re-surfacing porcelain bathtubs, sinks, etc. But he´s lean and long-legged and looks the part. I think he´s got a chance. The critics and money-men are excited about this flick. They think Johnny might do for Indians what he did for pirates - give them some sexy pizzazz.

This is one time when straight hair and a striped t-shirt won´t do. Wracking my brain on how to style muself so that I look enough like the period to get a job as an extra. Especially if I could sneak a camera on-set and shoot the people shooting the picture. Whatta hoot.

Lesson 37: Making movies will make you crazy. Get used to it.

Next week (back to normal): 37 To Light or Not to Light

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